Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Readiness & Attraction / Workshops for Singles Who Want to Succeed at Love

Sunday, January 9th from 10 - 4:30
Sunday, February 13th from 10 - 4:30

Please join me, Relationship Coach Candace Brindley, for 2 days that will change your life!

  • Do you dream of finding your soul-mate and building a life with intimacy and meaning?
  • Are you tired of choosing / attracting seemingly the wrong people - investing your heart and soul in relationships that don't last?
  • Are you wondering where & how to find this person?
While it may seem that loving relationships should come naturally to us, I can assure you that the road to rich and lasting relationships is not commonly known. Happily, our families and past experiences have given us a few clues, but the real deal breakers have been kept in the closet. Most people don't know why their marriages fail and fall into blaming others and becoming life long victims.

This workshop will put an end to serial heartache. You will learn the foundation of successful love relationships, the skills for finding love and being in relationship, and be personally coached to realize the value of this information for your own life. You will have the confidence you need to succeed!

Readiness & Attraction is for men and women who want to succeed at love.

The Total Life Care Center
152 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851

First Sunday only plus 1 manual: $170.00
Both Sundays plus 2 manuals: $250.00
2nd Sunday plus 1 manual: $80.00
Note: The first Sunday is a prerequisite to the second Sunday.

To register, call or email me to receive the registration form by email.
Email: / Phone: 203 247-4613

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